Our Team

Kirsten & Paul Fulk, Owners, Professional Trainers

Since 1994, Paul and Kirsten have been raising and training dogs. In 2001, they realized their dream of working with dogs full-time! Paul, along with our staff trainers, performs most of the training for field work and manners. His love of bird hunting and knowledge of what makes a good hunting dog helps him provide the best possible training experience for owners and dogs.

Paul also trains and handles dogs for AKC hunt tests. Kirsten has followed her love of rescue and is working with the Search Dog Foundation and her own non-profit, Train a Rescue.

When not on the road looking for rescue dogs, Kirsten takes an active role in designing and implementing new boarding options for our vacationing guests! We currently have 12 dogs that call us Mom and Dad, ranging in age from 9 months to 13 ½ years. We may have muddy paw prints on our couch, but we also have lots of love!

Diana, Animal Care Technician, Assistant Dog Trainer

Diana has been with Field of Dreams Boarding & Training for 10 years as a kennel worker and dog handler, training in obedience and manners. Working with animals has been Diana's passion - having fun and encouraging respectful relationships between people and the animals we all love so much. Diane works to share her knowledge about dog's body language and high energy in relation to the effects on training for both people and dogs alike. She also enjoys researching various training methods and is always open to try different methods to achieve positive results.

Sarah, Animal Care Technician, Assistant Dog Trainer

Sarah grew up surrounded by animals. From dogs and cats to pigs and cows, Sarah has enjoyed raising and working with animals of many species. For 9 years in school, she participated in raising pigs and sheep for showing at the fair. She began volunteering at the local humane society during high school, training dogs and fostering litters of puppies and kittens. Sarah began working for Field of Dreams in 2014 and has loved learning new ways to train dogs and additional ways to help rescues. She has four dogs at home that she enjoys trying new training methods with so that she can be a better trainer for all the dogs that she meets.


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